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Peer to Peer Networking

You may run the Calmedlegal Software on a Peer to Peer PC network. 
There are some limitations that are inherent to MS Access and the Windows environment.  
Please follow these procedures and recommendations.

In order to run the program from a remote workstation, you must perform the California Medical Legal Utility Installation on each workstation you wish to use.  This installs MS Access Runtime and the front end files of the program, it also installs a back end data file. You will use only ONE Back End data file which is named "db1_be.accdb"

Overview of Peer to Peer Installation:

The Calmedlegal program is split into 2 main files:
1) Front End file named"db1.accdr"   This file contains the forms and operating information for the program. On installation, this file is loaded to your folder; c:/calmedlegal. You will perform the installation to place this file on EACH workstation.

2) Back End file named "db1_be.accdb"  This file stores YOUR patient data.  This file will be used ONLY on your "Primary Workstation"(the workstation which you will use most often).  The "db1_be.accdb" file is located in the folder; "c:/calmedlegal/calmedlegal data"

Peer to Peer Installation Procedure

1) Install the Calmedlegal Software on Your "Primary Workstation"  The program will start normally after installing. Close the Calmedlegal Software Program.

2) Install the Calmedlegal Software on each "Secondary Workstation" you wish to use. The program will start normally after installing. Close the Calmedlegal Software Program.

3) On each "Secondary Workstation" , Delete the "db1_be.accdb" file.  
Type db1_be.mbd in the Search For box and select the C: drive in the Look In box. Delete the "db1_be.accdb" file.
DO NOT DELETE the "db1_be.acdb" file from your "Primary Workstation".
Only delete it from the "Secondary Workstations".


4)  After deleting the Back End file from each "Secondary Workstation", restart the California Medical Legal Utility program on the Workstation. The program will tell you that the Back End file "db1_be.accdb" can not be found. Click "OK"

You will now tell the program where your Back End file "db1_be.mdb" is located. (in the "c:/calmedlegal/calmedlegal data" folder of your "Primary Workstation")


5) You will now locate the "db1_be.mdb" file on your "Primary Workstation".  It is located on your "Primary Workstation" at: "C:/calmedlegal/db1_be.accdb" Locate the file and Press Open.

The program will now run and you can share your data with other workstations. Each work station will share this single data file.


Windows XP Users:
You will need to configure your "My Network Places" in order to share files:
1) Click "My Network Places" on your desktop. 

2) Click "Add a Network Place" and follow the instructions to create file sharing with C:/program files/california medical legal utility on your other computers.    For additional help see Windows Help Files

- Use of "My Network Places" is required as Microsoft Windows XP does not allow direct sharing of the /program files directory via Drive Mapping. You must use "My Network Places" in order to navigate to and share the data file.  You may copy the "db1_be.mdb" data file to a folder other than /program files/ california medical legal utility" if you choose. You must then delete the file in "C:/program files/california medical legal utility". The program will ask for the new location on next start up.

- Make sure to enable file sharing on C:/program files/california medical legal utility

- If you have a firewall installed you will have to disable it or configure it to allow file sharing.

Notes regarding peer to peer use:

1) While data will be updated between each workstation, NEW patient records will NOT be updated until the program is closed and restarted. This is a limitation of MS Access.

2) While it is possible for two users to work on data simultaneously from different workstations, it is not recommended that you do so, due to the above noted limitation.

3) ALWAYS back up your data. Use the Back Up Data Function from the Program Utilities page to backup your Backend Data file regularly. It is also a good idea to verify your back ups. The back up file size should be the same size as your original "db1_be.accdb" file size.

4) In Windows XP make sure that you have set the "FILE SHARING" Properties on each directory you are sharing data with.  This is critical or you will not be able to share the "db1_be.mdb" file.  (In Windows Explorer, Right click on the c:/calmedlegal" directory and select "SHARING AND SECURITY"  Then check the boxes, "SHARE THIS FOLDER ON THE NETWORK" and ALLOW NETWORK USERS TO CHANGE MY FILES".

Specific network installation problems are beyond the scope of this document. Please contact Microsoft or a local network administrator for specific network installation help.


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