-Database your QME/AME patients
-Prepares required DWC QME Forms and medlegal billing
-Aids in collecting past due medical legal billings
-Stores Electronic Documents with Patients record

Calmedlegal Forms offers DWC document production and medlegal billing functions.

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Calmedlegal Forms includes the following features for the production of DWC QME Forms and Billing  - Email Us  

- Notification of Past Due Medlegal Billings. Helps you Identify and Act on past due bills
 Electronic file storage and .pdf export
- Secondary Treating Physician PR-2 Form
- Drop Down list boxes
for easy viewing and selection of information
Quotation List allows for storage, retrieval and insertion of frequently used references.
 SB 899, and 2005 Rating Schedules easily accessible
Peer to Peer Network Functionality - See our Networking Page
- Request Authorization for Additional Treatment Form
- PI Attorney Lien
- PI Attorney Status Report
- Petition for Payment of Medical Legal Expense form
- Data Entry Sheet Form for Petitions
- DWC Court Order for Payment
- Mailing Labels  - Print Labels Using Standard Label Sheet, - Select Single Label on a sheet! Thank you to Peter De Baets
- Late Payment / Penalty Form - new simplified version
- QME Appointment Notification Form
- Notification Cover Letter and General Letter to Patient
- Medical Legal Billing Statement
- QME / AME Findings Summary Form IMC 111
- Request for Summary Rating Determination DEU101 -
- Employee's Disability Questionnaire DEU100
- Proof of Service Form
with selectable recipients names and addresses automatically entered
- Letters & Fax Covers to Attorneys, Carrier and PTP
- Phone Consultation Report
insure that you are properly reimbursed for phone time consults
- Treating Physicians Report of Disability Status RU90
- QME/AME Time Frame Extension Form
- QME notice of Unavailability Form
- Doctors First Report Form
- Treating Physicians Progress Report Form PR-2
- WCAB Lien
- Application for Adjudication
- Declaration of Readiness to Proceed
- Treating Physicians Supply Report  (fast and easy)
The latest 2001 IMC Physicians Guide
- IMC “Medical Reporter” back issues
- Sample PTP P&S Referral Letter to Carrier
- Sample PTP P&S Adoption of Report Letter to Carrier
- Sample Medlegal Patient Questionnaire
- AMA Guides combined Values Calculator

-PC Requirements
- Any PC system running Windows XP or higher
- Monitor set to 1024 x 768 (17 inch or larger)
- Printer for document output
- Self contained, using
   Microsoft Access 2007 Access Runtime






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- Developer and Founder
Maggie Tan
- Administration
William Wood, B.S.
- Software Consultant

Thank you to:
Dennis Sosine, DC,QME - medical legal consultant
Jim Dettman President, Online Computer Services of WNY, Inc.
Peter De Baets from Peter's Software

The Honorable Mr. Christopher Miller
Gregory Smith, BS, DC, QME

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