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DAN BUCH  (pron. Butch)

Dan is drumming with GAMMA featuring Davey Pattison
Scottish born vocalist Davey,  the voice of Gamma and Robin Trower for over 20 years..

Davey Pattison Band
Gamma+ playing with Deep Purple,
Saratoga CA 2014

A California SF Bay Area native, Dan began drumming at a young age, and soon focused on jazz and rock styles.  He performed with many bands prior to studying at Cal State University Northridge.  Playing progressive rock and rock projects has filled most of his drumming time.  Credits include HyNGE, Marc Cooper, Joel Jaffe, Castles in Spain, Everything Nothing, Jane His Wife, Greg Lamboy, City and numerous fill-in dates over the years.  A large variety of studio sessions over several decades has given him experience in a wide range of musical genres. Dan is known for his energetic, ambidextrous style. His power and precision drive songs forward!   

Dan is also a licensed Chiropractor in California. He shares his information on injury prevention and injury care through his website

Dan Buch - Drummer and ChiropractorDan Buch, Ronnie Montrose and Van Spragins - 2011. RIP Ronnie...you are a legend.



Expose Progressive Music Magazine - I'm particularly impressed by the attention paid to percussion texturing, no doubt thanks to Buch. At times he reminds me of Bill Bruford and at others like Ginger Baker, especially with his work on the toms. It just goes to show there's no reason that the drum position in a group can't contribute as much as the others. - Paul Hightower

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Dan Buch - Drummer